Thunder in the Drought Chinese Traditional Music

Mrs Maker

Chunese number notation Thunder in the Drought

Simplified Chinese Notation 

Tonality and Scales in Chinese Music

Many who have read Chinese scores in the numerical notation may have at some time or other wondered if Chinese Music is all in the major key?
The numerical notation uses 7 different numbers to represent the 7 notes of the diatonic scale and in essence, these are the notes of the major scale in Western classical music. As a result, it is very common for many to have a misconception that there are only major keys in Chinese music.  Keys in Chinese music however isn’t as simple as that.
The Chinese is one of the most ancient cultures in the world and it has writings that date back thousands of years which are still accessible now.  Over this vast range of time, there has been numerous theses, books and all sorts of writings on music and its keys and…

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